TRON and Oraichain Revolutionize Blockchain with AI Integration

• TRON and Oraichain have partnered to combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology.
• This partnership will provide developers with the tools they need to create innovative AI-powered solutions.
• The goal of the collaboration is to expand smart contract functionality, foster a community of developers, raise awareness around AI and blockchain, and attract promising AI developers.

TRON-Oraichain Partnership

TRON and Oraichain have taken a major step towards combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology by forming a strategic partnership that solidifies the future of decentralized AI. Through this collaboration, TRON and Oraichain will empower developers to build advanced solutions that utilize and leverage artificial intelligence.

Educational Resources

To help developers learn more about the technology and how to integrate it into their projects, TRON and Oraichain will provide educational resources such as incubation programs, technical integrations, tutorials, workshops, etc. This will enable them to better understand blockchain-based applications as well as develop smarter contracts that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Common Goal

The common goal of this partnership is to expand smart contract functionality while innovating new use cases for AI powered blockchains. Both parties are committed to raising awareness around the potential for AI & blockchain in order to attract promising AI developers who can help push forward the boundaries of what is possible in terms of decentralized applications.

What Can Be Achieved?

By leveraging its infrastructure which includes decentralized file storage, data annotation & model training capabilities as well as an on-chain execution platform & marketplace for data & AI models, Oraichain is set up to become a hub for decentralized Artificial Intelligence ecosystem across many chains. This partnership between TRON & Oraichain therefore opens up numerous opportunities for both companies in terms of innovation & growth potential within the industry.


This strategic alliance between TRON & Oraichain marks a significant milestone in the development of blockchain technology; one which promises greater scalability & interoperability between various networks through the integration of Artificial Intelligence into existing systems. By providing developers with powerful tools that allow them to create sophisticated applications which leverage both technologies simultaneously, these two entities are paving the way for a future in which decentralized AI is commonplace across multiple networks & platforms worldwide.