Connect Your World with Nodle: Create an IoT Network with Your Smartphone

• Nodle is a platform that focuses on developing IoT solutions.
• Nodle enables users to create decentralized networks using their smartphones.
• Smart Missions are used to program the Nodle Network and support new use cases, such as incentivized remote asset monitoring.

What is Nodle?

Nodle is a connectivity platform that focuses on developing IoT solutions, enabling the development of large-scale, low-cost IoT networks based on existing infrastructure, such as smartphones and other connected devices. It aims to make IoT technology more accessible and affordable for both businesses and individuals by allowing users to build decentralized networks using their smartphones.

How Does it Work?

Nodle enables smartphones to function as ‘nodes’ in an IoT network, communicating with other devices and sending data to the cloud. This creates a massive network of interconnected devices which can be utilized in various applications and practical use cases. Bluetooth technology helps identify and locate stolen cars while also providing cost-effective networks without investing in expensive hardware.

The Implementation of Smart Missions

Smart Missions are an innovative way to program the Nodle Network and support new use cases while rewarding participants. These are used for incentivized remote asset monitoring solutions that allow businesses to track their assets in real-time from anywhere. The Nodle app has also been used in tandem with Bluetooth technology for tracking stolen vehicles.

Benefits of Using Smartphones

One of the major advantages of utilizing smartphones as nodes in an IoT network is its cost effectiveness; users can quickly set up a network without having to invest heavily in hardware or equipment costs by simply using their existing phones. This simplifies the process by which businesses can experiment with IoT technology and develop new applications at lower costs than traditional methods would require.


In conclusion, Nodles’s platform provides a great way for businesses and individuals alike to get into the world of connected devices without breaking the bank due its cost effective nature when compared with traditional methods requiring expensive hardware or equipment investments. Additionally, Smart Missions provide an efficient way for programming these networks while also providing rewards for participants supporting new use cases – making this platform even more attractive for those wanting to explore what connected devices have to offer them!